Are you worried about a difficult co-parenting relationship impacting your kids?

Learn how to co-parent effectively with The Co-Parent Way Essentials online course.

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Do you want a co-parent relationship that minimises emotional impact on your kids, is conflict-free, and let’s you get on with your life?

Of course you do.


The real question is, how do you get there?

The good news? It’s possible. Even if it seems like a million miles away right now.

This online course will teach you how to co-parent with easy-to-implement techniques that can transform your co-parent relationship.



Techniques that you can apply to every interaction with your ex, minimising conflict and helping your kids feel secure and stable.

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“Every separated parent should do this course. It’s full of practical examples and tools, to help you and your children successfully navigate your way through post-separation. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.” 

Anders Lindeberg

By the end of the course you'll be able to:

● Have constructive and conflict-free communication with your co-parent
● Manage stressful co-parenting situations calmly
● Make effective and child-centred decisions about your kids
● Put into practice a framework for co-parenting that lets you move on – often without resorting to courts

The training is led by Marcie Shaoul, founder of the Co-Parent Way, the UK’s first dedicated co-parent coaching practice. Marcie is an experienced and certified coach who has helped separated parents
across the globe learn how to communicate effectively and establish relationships that put their kids first.

Marcie has been successfully leading clients through the materials contained in the course for five years, with transformational results. This is the first time these materials have ever been available in an online course format.

“The advice and tools in the course really helped my stress levels and gave me a vision of a better way to co-parent our children.”

It’s for you if:

● You’re just starting out on your journey, and you want to get it right from day one
● You’ve done your best to parent with your ex, but it’s still not working
● You want coaching without paying a premium to work 1-2-1.
This course is designed to help co-parents work together and parent effectively. If you have concerns around safeguarding or feel your own safety is at risk, this course can still help you, but you will also need to seek specific support.

Co-parenting plan graphic

How to co-parent effectively: your learning journey.

Over ten modules, you’ll develop an understanding of co-parenting, why it can be so hard, the importance of doing it well, and how to succeed at it.

Each module takes about 30 minutes. In each one you’ll get really useful tools and practical advice that you can implement straight away.

All you need is a device with an internet connection, pen and paper, and some space and privacy. People have taken it in bathrooms, sheds, and cars. Wherever feels safe.

You can take the course at your own pace – though we recommend maintaining momentum and aiming to complete it within 30 days.

Co-parenting communication with with Dad and kid

You’ll also get:

Co-parenting with Mum and kid

● Your own co-parenting plan, which covers the practical issues of co-parenting
● A co-parent charter, which lays out how you will parent with your ex
● Your personal workbook, which you can work through online or in print

How much does it cost?

A year’s access is just £249.


You can revisit modules as often as you like.

We’re confident it will be transformational, but if you change your mind, we offer a full 7-day money-back guarantee.

It could be the best investment in your kids’ future you ever make.

What people say about the Co-Parent Way Essentials online course.

“The Co-Parent Way course gives good advice on how to manage the relationship between separated parents. I found the course super useful and it has completely changed the way I talk to my ex-wife about our kids.”

Marcus W.


“I took the course when I was dealing with powerful emotions following the break-up of my marriage. I wanted to give my kids a positive environment to grow up in and take decisions that were in their best interests, but I was struggling to do that because I couldn’t think straight. The advice and tools in the course really helped my stress levels and gave me a vision of a better way to co-parent our children. I’m really happy I found it, it has had a massive impact on my kids’ happiness.”

Parvinda P.


“Partly because we watched the short film in the module on managing strong emotions, my co-parent and I recently went to watch our 7-year old play netball, which she has been asking us to do for ages. She was so happy to see both her parents there supporting her. We couldn’t have done that before taking the course. We’re slowly but surely building a co-parent relationship that really supports our daughter”

Steph S.


“Since I completed the course I’ve been able to communicate better with my ex-partner. My kids can see that the tension between us is less, and they keep telling me how much better it is for them.”

Callum W.


“Since the course, we have been speaking regularly and are resolving things without always including the solicitors.”

Jamie C.


“I would highly recommend the course and working with Marcie for coaching.“

Mia E.


What you learn

As you work through the course, you’ll find it easier to:

● Communicate with your ex
● Stay calm in front of your kids
● Make practical arrangements that put your kids first

Module 1: The Foundations of Co-Parenting
Module 2: Managing Strong Emotions
Module 3: Standing in Your Co-Parent’s Shoes
Module 4: The Three Co-Parent Worlds
Module 5: Co-Parent Communication #1: Listening and Pausing
Module 6: Co-Parent Communication #2: Inflammatory Language
Module 7: Co-Parent Communication #3: Speaking in Front of our Children
Module 8: Co-Parent Communication #4: Successful Decision Making
Module 9: The Co-Parent Plan
Module 10: The Co-Parent Charter

Co-parenting with Dad and kid

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