Lawyers and Mediators

Here at The Co-Parent Way, we partner with family lawyers and mediators to deepen our understanding of the sector and to enable law professionals to think and approach separation differently and from a child centric point of view.

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We train lawyers and mediators on how to work with clients who are in high states of emotion or high conflict. We give practical and constructive tips to enable the client facing work to be less emotional and more focussed on the legal process.   Very often when clients are separating, it can be hard to keep the process moving in a way that is cost efficient for the client, and time efficient for the professionals supporting them. Our training programmes are really well regarded throughout the sector and we offer a number of options.

Please do get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Lawyer and Mediators

We receive many referrals through lawyers and mediators and often both will refer clients for coaching alongside the legal or mediation process.  For high conflict cases we offer an intensive set of coaching sessions to enable the mediation or legal process to be more successful and child focussed. These sessions are done in quick succession.

Please do get in touch with us to discuss further.

Professional Committees

We sit on several family law committees including Resolution’s Parenting After Parting Committee.

On both committees we provide valuable input into the legal sectors to demonstrate that co-parenting after parting is key to children’s welfare.

The Parenting After Parting Committee develops the Resolution approach for practitioners working with parents so that, ultimately, parents will receive the same standard of care and support from any Resolution practitioner.

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way. Resolution has 7000 thousand members.  


We also sit on The We Can Work It Out Committee, which is a collaborative law committee that works with clients to enable them to separate amicably. 

Marcie Shaoul is someone you need to know whether you are a family lawyer or indeed a direct client – if you have a child related issue whereby advice, support and assistance is required in terms of co-parenting then Marcie is who you need.  Marcie is supportive but also directive in her approach – which is sensible and practical.  Marcie can give you that lightbulb moment which helps everything fall into place.  Marcie’s experience is wide reaching and she can make a positive difference and add value to any situation.  Marcie understands the sensitivities and difficulties around the family dynamic particularly if there has been a difficult break up.  Marcie guides and leads her clients through the difficult maze of co-parenting – she is completely child focussed but is able to take on board the needs and challenges faced by every parent.  I would not hesitate in recommending Marcie.

Zahra Pabani

Partner Irwin Mitchell LLP

I have known Marcie for several years now.  Over the last few years Marcie has been a member of the Resolution Parenting After Parting committee with me. Her contributions on the committee are so valuable and the work she does compliments the aims of the committee perfectly. 


I have also heard Marcie speak, most recently at the CAFCASS Children Voice day, where her presentation was tailored perfectly to the audience. I have always been impressed with Marcie’s knowledge, attitude and approach in this challenging area of work.


Marcie works closely with the family law sector, bridging the gaps in understanding and knowledge which is hugely valuable. Marcie has provided training to my team and works with our clients to move parents from a place of conflict to a place of communication.   I would have no hesitation in referring my clients to Marcie.

Claire Colbert

Accredited Mediator, Specialist Family Lawyer to Freeths LLP and Author of the Which? Guide to Divorce

Pleased to be a partner of Our Family Wizard!

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