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Co-Parent Coaching

Coaching is all about forward movement, resonance and being active in your choices. Coaching removes self-limiting beliefs, it enables you to be courageous, to try out new things. It enables you to step into the place you’ve always wanted to but never believed you could. But coaching is so much more than that. It identifies the places you are stuck, it holds a mirror up to who you are so you can see your greatness, it works to increase your confidence. And the tangible outcomes of all of that are success in life and work, bigger careers, happier lifestyles, inner peace and balance, powerful drive and ambition. 

A coach is a qualified professional that works with individuals, executives, leaders and would-be leaders to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board.

Co-Parent coaching takes all the tools we use in individual or executive coaching and repurposes them to enable better and more effective communication between parents. Co-parent coaching isn’t counselling or relationship therapy, or divorce coaching. It doesn’t focus on the story of the break-up; it doesn’t focus on the story of the couple. It looks straight to the child and offers practical and achievable ways to enable parents to interact with each other to keep children in a safe parental bubble. 

Parents leave co-parent coaching being able to communicate more easily with each other. They know how and where to compromise, they can see things from their ex’s perspective, they can understand how their child might be feeling and make mutual decisions from there. This means they can go on to do practical things like sharing out school holidays, meeting a new partner, or feeling able to go to parents evening together. 

We don’t work with both parents in the same room. We work with you individually to get you to a place where you understand what it is you want for your child, how you want to interact with your other parent and what your own boundaries are.  We give you the tools to put those boundaries in place and we help you deal with confrontation in an effective and non-combative way. As parents you learn to negotiate, compromise where appropriate, and work better together. You will also learn to communicate effectively (and without excess emotion ) about how you want to raise your children. 

The one to one course of six sessions costs £1800 per parent. If you want specific coaching around a co-parenting situation, the charge is £300 per hour. 

The first session lasts 90 minutes and the following individual sessions last 60 minutes.

Therapy is a really important resource, as is coaching. But they are different. Therapy is a long-term process where clients work to diagnose and resolve behaviours or issues and feelings that are difficult for them to overcome. In this sense therapy focusses on the past and on introspection. 

Coaching is all about forward movement, momentum and change. Coaches are not healthcare professionals. In coaching we clarify goals and identify obstacles and problematic behaviours that are holding clients back. We pinpoint where clients are stuck in order to move them towards where they want to be. Once goals are clear a coach takes the client from where they are now towards their desired goals by encouraging positive action and accountability. It’s a very forward looking process. 

Not at all. We are based in London UK, and we see clients from all over the world either face to face in our North London office or on Zoom

The Co-Parent Way Course

It costs £249 to take The Co-Parent Way Course online. You have access to it for 12 months and there are regular newsletters that are sent out with tips and ideas once you have finished the course. After the course you will also receive invitations to online Q&A sessions with Marcie.

You should take the course in order and each module is no more than 30 minutes. We recommend that you leave at least a couple of days between modules so you can think about what you’ve learned and practice it.

When you take The Co-Parent Way: Essentials Course you are learning exactly the same techniques that we do with our face to face clients.

The course consists of a series of ten modules that last no longer than 30 minutes. We recommend that you print the workbook out so you have it available to write in as you’re going through the course. We also recommend that you take the course at a time when you are alone or know you won’t be interrupted. So perhaps after the children are asleep, or in a lunch hour. We have had clients who have done this course in their cars, or even in the loo as it makes them feel safer to know that someone won’t walk in on them. You’ll be exploring feelings and perspectives and it can be emotional from time to time. That’s ok. Emotion needs to move through us, in order for us to have clarity. It doesn’t need to be frightening.

Co-parenting support general FAQs

Co-parenting is the ideal state between two separated parents. It is when both parents can put their children front and centre and communicate effectively about them. Co-parenting provides a safe parental bubble in which children can grow up secure in the knowledge that their parents will work together, even though they are no longer in a relationship.

The online course covers everything that we do in 121 coaching but we are not able to tailor the online course to your specific needs. We are confident that most of what you need is covered in the online course, but you are always welcome to supplement the course with a session if you feel you need it.


121 coaching is interactive and the advantage of it is that you can ask questions as you go along. 


The reason we built the online course is so we could make it available to more people and to bring better co-parenting to more families across the UK.

Then you can still do it! We work with many parents who do the course or come to coaching alone. The benefits you get and the level of increased resilience learned are really beneficial for anyone going through a separation with children.

The benefits for children when their parents co-parent are huge. When children have parents that can’t communicate the effects on their wellbeing are enormous. When children have parents who are separated but still function as parents, then children learn and understand boundaries, they understand that relationships are not always perfect but they can still function and they learn the valuable skill of how to repair in conflict. 

Yes absolutely. We work a lot with blended families on how to navigate the complicated relationship structure that arises when families combine. We run courses for families and also individual sessions. Please contact us directly to talk about what you need and find out how we can help. 

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