Marcie Shaoul: Co-parenting coach and founder of The Co-Parent Way (Resolution's 'Champions of Family Justice' Award winner 2023)

Marcie Shaoul, co-parenting coach and founder of The Co-Parent Way
As a co-parenting coach I support co-parents to create a safe and stable environment for their kids.

I set up The Co-Parent Way because evidence shows overwhelmingly that kids are more likely to thrive when they have healthy access to, and a loving relationship with, both their separated parents. I wanted to create a practice that helps parents be successful co-parents and be available to their children. And I wanted to give parents the tools and skills to co-parent even if they don’t like each other. In recognition of this, the Co-Parent Way is built on the three pillars of truth, responsibility, and courage – it takes all of those things to be a successful co-parent.


I am a co-parenting coach and thought-leader in the co-parenting space, and I regularly speak at events and conferences both in the UK and abroad. My own experience as a co-parent, coupled with my research and coaching work, means that I have both a personal and professional insight into what it means to be a successful co-parent.

I’m both a CTI Certified Co-Active Coach and accredited to the International Coach Federation. I am an Associate Member of Resolution and I sit on their Parenting After Parting Committee. I am also trained in ORSC relationship systems coaching, which applies both in the workplace and in our personal relationships. I sit on the collaborative law committee “We Can Work it Out”. And I also run a successful Executive coaching company called Rolling Stone Coaching.

Co-parenting Dad with two kids

Before becoming a coach, I ran Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Departments in the international civil service. I worked in a space between governments and civil society, encouraging both to listen to each other. And, in order to bring about change, I learned to read between the lines and hear the things that people weren’t saying – skills that are now incredibly useful to me as a co-parent coach!

Marcie Shaoul, co-parenting coach and founder of The Co-Parent Way

In 2009, after the break-up of my marriage, I had coaching with a CTI Co-Active Coach. It changed my life. The coaching I received enabled me to make strong, conscious decisions about my life and helped me move away from my feelings of powerless following my separation. As a result of the coaching, I became a better and more present mother. Despite relations with my ex-partner being difficult, we decided to co-parent our young child and make sure he had regular accesss to both his mother and father. 


When six years later I trained to become a coach myself, I saw clearly how coaching tools and techniques can be incredibly helpful for separated parents who want to bring up their children together. I took the coaching tools I’d learnt and I created a bespoke co-parenting programme, including only the skills that are especially valuable for co-parents.


The co-parent coaching skills you develop when you work with me have their foundations in years of research and co-parent coaching, combined with my daily practical lived experiences of co-parenting. They are based on a highly effective combination of pragmatic advice and certified coaching techniques that bring about transformational change in parents. This change allows them to keep their children safe both during and after parental separation.  

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“Marcie has helped me enormously during a very challenging time in my life, equipping me with strategies and techniques to deal effectively with incredibly difficult situations, both professionally and personally with my ex-wife.”

Andy E

“Marcie is one of those rare people that you come across in life … truly excellent at what she does.


She is caring, original, insightful and not afraid to be genuine, human, and personable while still maintaining her professionalism.


I have worked with Marcie for years - our paths have overlapped in the context of family mediation, co-parenting, therapy and executive coaching, and the common thread linking all these areas is BOTH my, and my clients' enduring appreciation of her skill, value, and energy.


People talk about their engagements with Marcie in terms of her power, her inspiration, and the genuine excitement and commitment she puts into both what she does and who she works with.


I cannot recommend or endorse her in more positive and emphatic words.”

David Gittleson

Director The Green Door Practice

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