1-2-1 coaching

The Co-Parent Way can be taken in a number of ways.

We can offer it as 6 sessions per parent with one of our experienced coaches or we can offer a fast-track face to face experience which is two morning sessions of three hours either in North London or Central London.

We work with either one parent or both parents.

Working with one parent

We often work with one parent. There can be a number of reasons for this, sometimes parents have been excluded, sometimes one parent won’t come to coaching.


When we work with individual clients we help you to build resilience and courage. We enable you to become a stronger and more assured presence and to negotiate more effectively. Most importantly we help you to set your boundaries and remain present for your children. If you have limited access to your children, we help you reconcile to that fact whilst offering practical suggestions to help you stay in their lives even if from a distance. We also know that when one parent comes to coaching on their own, you are able to have an impact on your other parent, because when you interact with them in a healthier and more boundaried way, it enables a different way of engagement between both of you.

Working with both parents

Working with both parents is different in parts.  We always work with both parents separately. We help you get to know yourselves and articulate how you want to parent your children. We do a lot of perspective work, understanding things from the other parent’s point of view and from your child’s point of view. We also do the same strongest self-work that we do with individual parents. And we work together to get rid of a lot of the white noise of opinions from your wider circles, like friends and grandparents. And the reason we do that is so clear and resonant choices can be made going forward. 

During these sessions we use all the practical tools from the online course, including the parenting plan and we also start to write a charter for the you based on what we hear about how you wish to show up to your parenting. At the end of the coaching sessions we bring you both in the room or Zoom together for a really short period of time. We go through the charter together and both of you as parents will sign it and your coach will witness it. Then you can put it on your fridge and start your conscious co-parenting journey together.

The intensive course

We can run The Co-Parent Way as an intensive course face to face or over Zoom. These courses run over consecutive days for four hours per day. We are also happy to work with you on specific issues you are facing and we can build in extra time to accommodate this. Often people will come to us from around the country or even from abroad to do this course. 

The Co-Parent Way has been called ‘life changing’ and mostly it is life changing for your children.

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